6 Step Website Design Checklist For Better Conversions

First Audit & Understand – We won’t count this as a step here because we like to give you as many pointers to improve as possible. When you’re looking to improve the conversions on your Website, these are 6 important changes you can look to make that will have an immediate impact on your conversion performance –

  1. Start Tracking – Everything: we can’t be clear enough on this – TRACK EVERYTHING! Track calls by using call tracking, track your prospects website journey by heat mapping your Website, Use Google Analytics to get more raw user data and start split testing your pages to see what users are responding to. Once you’re tracking everything, you can get a very clear idea on what small changes you can make to get even better results.
  2. Grab attention, and fast!: This is the digital version of the old print advertising terminology – Capture their attention above the fold. Make sure your most important information is visible on the website before the user has to scroll down. Use high impact, high quality imagery and strong hero statements to make sure your message is heard and catches the prospects eye. Use headers to display your brand, a clear menu, easy to access contact and social information and small call to action buttons. Obviously you can’t get all of your products and services ‘above the fold’ but make sure you can guide prospects to this content easily without making them search for it
  3. Tell them the ‘what and why’: Tell your prospects what you do and why they should choose you, over your hundreds of online competitors. Lay out your services (or links to them) clearly and make any offers you have for your products or services prominent and compelling to your prospects. This is the what you do covered. Below your products or services section of a home page, I recommend you display your businesses unique selling points. List what makes your business different and why they should reach out and contact you, rather than back out and look at a competitor. This covers the ‘why you’ bit.
  4. Build your Trust and Reputation: Website visitors or prospects may be seeing your business for the very first time. So, if they don’t know you, why should they trust using you? Because you’re a great business, you have quality products and services, you’re accredited and your customers love you. But no-one know that without you telling them. Use this section to promote any prominent logo’s you’re associated with. they can be customer or supplier logos that can help build trust by association. If you have great social or Google reviews, promote them on your Website. Go one further than that and get some happy customers to write a testimonial, telling potential customers just how great other customers think you are. So if testimonials are one step better than using reviews, case studies are the ultimate way to show how great you are. While testimonials are a ‘lovely’ statement about your business, caes studies are a lovely statement backed up by hard data. Something very objective for a potential customer to digest before choosing you. If you don’t have these you can still build trust by using trust statements like the number of satisfied customers you have, the number of years your have been in business etc. If you’re an ecommerce store making sure your shipping, returns and dispute policies are easily found will also help build trust. The more trust you build the more chance you have of turning a prospect to a new customer.
  5. Communicate, communicate, communicate: Making it easy for prospects to talk to you is vital in increasing conversions. It is so simple so so often overlooked. Simply making phone numbers and contact buttons visible on the page at all times can increase conversions by up to 15%. Adding a live chat or chat bot system to your website is another great way to communicate with your prospects. They are an instant way for prospects to get answers and a staggering 43% of people prefer live chat as a digital communication method over 19% for email and 12% for social media or forums. We implement a live chat system on all our client sites where possible, it’s a must for us!
  6. Don’t leave us!: Use exit popups. Give people that chance to take advantage of your offer, service or product. If you can, make sure they are tailored to an offer or service. E’g – if you’re a lawyer and offer family law, commercial litigation and personal injury law – have an exit pop up for each – offer a free consultation for family law on your family law page. Just make sure it’s not popping up for your commercial litigation page, no one wants that

The last (And a freebie) is to consider Landing Pages – Using dedicated Landing pages can increase conversions by over 0% compared to standard web pages. They work especially well if you’re running ads but, if they’re done well, can also work really for general website visitors.

So, there are some basic but effective points on increasing the amount of website traffic that convert to a contact, lead or customer. Hopefully this little 6 Step Workshop Checklist For Better Website Conversions has helped you understand what needs to be done to increase your conversions.

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